The Elf Squad
(La Elfa Roto)

Cartoon elf

I created the cartoon strip The Elf Squad in the early 1970s. It first appeared in Montage, the school newspaper for Meramec Community College in Kirkwood, Missouri. The strip then moved with me to UMSL Current, the school newspaper at the University of Missouri, St.Louis. The strip survived for another year or two after I graduated when a group of cartoonists (including me) formed a short lived company called Polygraphics, which sold cartoons to college newspapers around the country. Well, a few, anyway. The strip came back professionally one more time when a company called The Cartoon Factory, Ltd. picked it up. This company sold cartoon strips to weekly community newspapers for about a year before it folded.

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The Elf Squad languished after that, until I was commissioned to draw four more cartoons for the amazingly long-lived science fiction fanzine Science Fiction Five-Yearly. (It helped that I knew the publisher.) The Elf Squad then appeared in The Bear Facts, the school paper of Plainview High School in Rainsville, Alabama for a few years.

So the strip pops up every now and then, never making it big, but refusing to die altogether.

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Part of the 1981-1982 run with The Cartoon Factory, Ltd.

Part of the 1996 run in Science Fiction Five-Yearly

Part of the series sent to The Bear Facts

cartoon elf Summary of characters in the strip

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