A Memory from Alex Kochanoff

In the early 1950's Oscar Brand would say on his weekly radio program, "Send me a SASE and Lee Shaw will send you the words to the songs I sang tonight." Several years later in Washington Square, I met her and her friends Aaron Rennert and Ray Sullivan. We were listening to Roger Sprung. Later we would meet at the AYH folksings, and a year or so later at meetings of the Folksingers Guild. Some time during that period she announced that her divorce decree came through and she would again be known as Lee Hoffman. It was before one of the Guild meetings that she handed me the first issue of Gardyloo with the explanation that Caravan had gotten too big and was fulfilling other people's needs, so she was starting all over again to do what she had intended to do in the first place. Lee was one of the most thoughtful people I have ever met. Say something trivial to her and she'd surprise you with a deeper answer than you deserved.

Alex Kochanoff

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