The Elf Squad, character profiles

Although the characters of The Elf Squad are taken from mythical characters, they tend not to have magical properties. They reflect ordinary people more than anything else.

The characters of The Elf Squad are about six inches tall.

The Elves are ordinary Joes.

The Gnomes are much like the elves, only more on the macho and/or brutish side. I've drawn many strips in which the elves and gnomes are adversaries in sports.

The Pixies are the liberated females of the strip.

The Dwarves are a big favorite. They represent the work-ethic class in the strip. The dwarves run a lucrative business called Dwarf Mining and Construction. Much of the action featuring the dwarves takes place in one of their many mining tunnels.

The Martians are another favorite. Perpetually trying to invade the Earth, they have yet to realize that they are much smaller than the humans they wish to conquer.

The Gbports are the "management" class. These guys were around long before Dilbert. Whatever it is, the gbports can make a profit from it.
(This is one creature that doesn't exist in mythology, I made it up. Pronounce the name as "ga-BORT".)

cartoon elf The Troll, singular. He collects the toll at the bridge.

The Imps are trouble makers.

The Mushrooms are mostly around in the background, but occassionally take on a life of their own.

The Pond. A lot happens here. It not only has unplumbed depths, it has a mind of its own.

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